Commercial Litigation

The Noble Law Firm handles business litigation including contract disputes, entity dissolutions, employer-employee relation disputes and commercial torts throughout the state of Florida. We have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in all aspects of business litigation. This provides our clients the advantage of an experienced business attorney who knows both sides of an issue, in addition to the strategies used by each side.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are among the most common business disputes that arise. Contractual terms can determine the success of a business relationship or even the success of the business itself. There are many types of contract disputes including equipment purchase and rental contracts, distribution contracts, franchise contracts, lease and property contracts and construction contracts.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution in an important aspect of providing legal representation to our business clients. There are many cost-effective dispute resolutions and alternatives to litigation including informal negotiation, mediations and arbitrations. Resources, time and money can be saved by exploring these options from the beginning and throughout a case. The Noble Law Firm assesses our client’s options in order to creatively solve legal issues in a cost effective manner.

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