Litigation is the type of law refers to the rules and practices involving the resolution of disputes between two or more parties in the court system. Most people have heard of personal injury litigation as that is the most common type of lawsuit, but few people know that you can litigate over a business dispute. Most non-litigation matters, such as real property sales, estate planning, business formations, probate administration are handled by attorneys practicing “transactional” law. However, a client can certainly benefit from a lawyer who knows understands and can practice both transactional law and litigation. That way, you aren’t shuffled from lawyer to lawyer when your simple business transaction escalates to a business dispute. Business litigation is often referred to as commercial litigation.

Business litigation can stem from: a breach of contract, torts violation, dispute in a partnership, post closing dispute after a business sale, regulatory and investigations, privacy and cybersecurity, insurance disputes, bankruptcy and/or covenant’s not to compete. The point where the parties cannot resolve the matter themselves is when attorneys get involved to file lawsuits. Oftentimes, lawsuits are used to leverage the positions of one party over another. Litigation may not always be the best option for every matter. Litigation can become very costly, and if you lose, attorneys’ fees may have to be paid by you to the winning party.

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